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Forex Gentleman Channels


Davids Signals


Along with FXG Live, David's Signal Channel is considered to be among the most popular. This channel is where members have access to David's analysis and signals, which are always accompanied by an educational video. The main goal of this channel is still to educate members, something David likes to refer to as ‘earn and learn.’.


Traffic Light System   


An ingenious way to keep members up to date with David's analysis/signals.  Each analysis from David and other verified members will be assigned either a red, yellow, or green light to the live analysis.

The red light simply means entry conditions are not yet met, or the trade has become invalid.  

The yellow light means we are getting close to the entry and are monitoring closely.  

The green light means all entry requirements and conditions have been met, and we have entry confirmation.  As the member portal allows for channel notifications, members will be automatically notified when traffic light colours change allowing you to stay up to date.

FXG Live


FXG Live is one of the most popular channels within the FXG member portal. Be sure to join David's FXG Live every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:30 am PST / 11:30 am EST. Filled with educational topics, analysis, signal updates, Q&A’s and more, David's FXG Lives are a must for all to watch and keep tabs on! And for those members who aren't able to tune into the Live sessions, each one is recorded and posted within the FXG Live Channel for all to access.


Lower Time Frame Entries 


This channel is managed by FXG's verified trader, Samuel Surreya, who specializes in lower time frame entries.  Just like David’s Signal Channel, all of Samuel's analysis will be accompanied by an educational video as our main goal is always to educate members.




As of today, the Forex Gentleman community has members from 46 different countries.  A welcoming, yet tight-knit community, team FXG will welcome you with open arms.  Meet new likeminded people with the same goals as you!  Regardless of your skill level, it is required that all members treat one another with respect. Here at the FXG community, only positive vibes are welcome.


Member Suggestions 


The Forex Gentleman community consists of many talented traders from around the world. Within the Member Suggestions Channel, you can view other members' trade ideas/analysis.  Enjoy this bonus channel fuelled by members of the Forex Gentleman community.

Ask Dave Channel 


When in doubt, FXG’s Ask Dave Channel is here for you. It's as simple as it sounds! The Ask Dave Channel, located within the member portal, allows members to consult with David before placing an entry. Whether agreeing with the analysis or not, David will respond with a video explanation to your personalized question. This service has proved to be a great asset to the FXG community.


Member 1 on 1 


As simple as it sounds,  the member 1-on-1 channel is where you will be able to book a personal 1-on-1 session with David. Members are allowed up to two sessions per month.  Available time slots will be posted within the corresponding channel every Sunday.



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